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Bill's Appliance Repair Ohio

Samsung ASC. Warranty and Non Warranty Service

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Washers they are one of your most important appliances in the home today. 

They are taken for granted. Throw in a load start them and forget about them.

Yet when they quit OMG. How do you survive?

Today's Appliances can cost between 400 to 1200 dollars. Some brands even more.

But did you know that front load washers only have a life span of 8 to 10years?

Washers including top load are made from light materials that can't hold up to the corrosive detergents and water.

This is not just because the manufactures want to make more money, it's because the government says you must make everything more efficient to save energy, to do that you have to cut weight.

So, follow your manufacturer's instructions and run that washer through a cleaning cycle to remove the soap and dirt and extended the life of you washer. CLEAR VINEGAR IS GREAT FOR THIS, RUN IT THROUGH A CLEANING CYCLE. Also use it in the wash to make your cloths fresh.

Also, if you have a front load washer clean the filter on the pump regularly and wipe the inside of the rubber boot to remove lint and dirt. that will help remove the odors.

Most front load washers have a filter/screen on the bottom where the pump is located (there is usually a door at the bottom). If this get plugged (see photo at top), this can cause to washer to not pump the water out and the washer will stop working, also this can cause a failure of the pump. Be careful when removing the filter if you don't have a drain in the floor, you could have a big problem with flooding. 

If you're not comfortable doing this, then give me a call that's what I do.

Leave a Washer running while you run up to the store?

Don't do it!

 Why washers you ask? 

If a hose breaks you could have a major flood while you're gone. If your washer is in a finished basement, you can have damaged to carpet and walls, if upstairs which a lot of people are doing you could have major damage to walls floors and other areas.