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Servicing all makes of dishwashers

Not Working, Do this before paying for a call!

•   Check breaker. If tripped reset by turning breaker off then back on. If this works and the appliance stays on no problem. Sometimes breakers can trip when the power goes out then comes back on.

•   Not cooling enough? This can happen on refrigerators and air-conditioners.

Check the coils and clean. Air-conditioners, both window and whole house can over heat when grass and dirt build up. TURN OFF POWER! Use a garden hose and spray the coil area with water from the top of the coil fin area down. This will help until you can get a professional to clean and service you unit and make sure everything is working the way it should. 

•   ON refrigerators check the coil for dirt.This is usually on the bottom of the refrigerator, there is a grill that can be pulled off to give access to the coil.

b. Use a Vaccum cleaner with a crevis tool to clean the dirt off. TURN OFF POWER!

•   This will not remove all the dirt but should help till a serviceman gets to you.

•   Keep the door on you refrigerator and/or Freezer closed this will keep things cold for quite a few hours. Up to 24 hrs in the freezer.

•   If the power is out put perishable foods in a cooler with ice or ice packs to keep them cold. Frozen foods can keep in the freezer or a cooler with ice for a couple of days before thawing out.

•   Used thawed foods as soon as possible, do not refreeze,

•   Freeze 1 or 1.5 liter bottles with water for use when your loose power to help keep thing cold.

•   More tips to come as I build this site so check back.

Dryer Taking to long to dry? Or cycling on and off?

Try this.

Clean lint trap. if caked with lint clean with soap and scrub brush, rinse clean. Dryer sheet will leave a film on the screen blocking air flow causing the dryer to over heat.

Do not use any sharp tool or knife on the coil or to remove ice. You can puncture a hole in the coil. This can cause a major expense and may result in the appliance being replaced.

Turn off or unplug your appliance before cleaning or servicing.

Want to extend the life of you refrigerator or air-conditioner, blow out the coil or clean with a brush (this is the fins under the refrigerator or in the back).

On your air conditioner spray the coil around the outside unit, it will have a wire mesh or metal guard around it.

Be sure to turn off power!

Replace or clean filters.